Contactless wash



Cobra Green is an absolutely harmless for all details abstergent for external wash of automobiles / motor cars /. The solution has a neutral Ph. Its composition includes 100% water soluble ingredients. It has zero reactivity to aluminum and does not contact with metals.

Recommended concentration  – 1:40 ~ 1:50




PHN is an innovative product with a triple action: high cleaning capacity for a full wash, high polishing ability, for an incredible shine and easy wash off for facilitate the final phase – application of wax. The foam of this product has a neutral level of Ph.

Recommended concentration  – 1:50




Snow Foam is a semi – professional product. It has been developed particularly for self service installations, where the waiting time is reduced to zero and the washing process is not performed by a professional staff.

Recommended concentration  – 1:40 ~ 1:50




Alfa is: a concentrated abstergent for pre wash of automobiles/ motor cars/. It easily removes contaminations, it is easily washed away and it does not leave any remains. The abstergent does not affect the polished covering /varnished covering/ and chromium details/parts/ of the motor car /automobile/. It does not leave stains, remainders and rinsing.

Recommended concentration  – 1:40




Degreasing of trucks from Cobra is slightly alkaline, highly concentrated product specifically designed for washing trucks, trailers and buses. Removes dirt without the static problem, easily washed away and leaves no white marks. Thanks to its special composition, it gives a glossy appearance of the body. Indispensable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This product is also suitable for washing tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Recommended concentration  – 1:40 ~ 1:50