Maintance and cleaning of exterior



Super concentrated abstergent for gantry brush car wash with a self dehydrator effect. Neutral formula without phosphates for a delicate cleaning of automobiles/ motor cars of any kind, type and color. Perfect cleaning and care for the automobiles/ motor cars. It is a slightly alkaline abstergent and it does not consist solvents and hazardous substances. It also helps brushes into the process of self cleaning

Directly into the metering/dosing/ system of the machine




It is a liquid wax especially developed to recover/renovate/ the color of the automobile/motor car. It creates a film onto the polish which does not allow the contaminations of any kind to contact with the automobile polish. It gives the opportunity of self dehydration and it has strongly protective and polishing effect. It maximum helps in next cleaning and washing processes. It protects from stains, remainders and rinsing.

Recommended concentration  –1:100 ~ 1:300




A strong abstergent which helps in removing stuck insects in all parts of the automobile/motor car. Intensively cleans to shine all intensive stains and remains of insects and grease. It contains surfactants, which are bio degradable and are compatible with all water cleaning systems. It does not affect the polish cover and the chromium parts.

Recommended concentration  – 1:10 ~ 1:20